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Welcome to RightGoths.

Our country is currently split down the middle, give or take. This split also divides our subcultures (goths, punks, rivets, grrrls, etc.), though not nearly up the middle. Have you noticed that many in the darksider (goth/gothic) realm often lean to the left. Do you find yourself not sharing the same slant as your fellow black-clads? Are the conservatives a little too button-down for your taste? Do they frown at your boots when you stop by the party caucus? Ever have that fish-out-of-water feeling? If you like all things dark and spooky, and you're a solidly conservative, moderately Republican, or even a right-leaning Democrat, this might be the place for you.

There was a website called RightGoths.com, and it vanished. Perhaps it'll be back, but who knows. For now, maybe we can fill a piece of that void. There are no real rules for what you can discussed here, but there will be, if things get sloppy. If you think you might get bounced (you know who you are), there's a fighting chance you will be bounced. rightgoths isn't a democracy OR a representative republic. Just try and play nice. Please, realize that we're all on a political spectrum. Be a little understanding if you're a goth who loves tax cuts, in a discussion with a gloom cookie who dreads the abortion rates. If you're a left-tilting member, looking for the back and forth that only comes from both sides talking... welcome.

If conservative is the furthest thing from your mind, and you don't even want to join the discussion, consider visiting gothnation.

Don't let the number of members scare you away. Everything starts somewhere.


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